BSA New Membership Fees
BSA New Membership Fees

Happy Holiday Season from the Bulgarian Studies Association!

During our BSA Annual Meeting on December 1, 2023, the attendees approved our new membership fees and categories as follows:

  • $10 for members living in Bulgaria.
  • $35 for members living outside Bulgaria.
  • $0 membership charge for retirees and graduate students.

Starting in 2023, all BSA annual memberships will be based upon the calendar year (January 1 – December 31) for more streamlined and less confusing membership payment and renewal process. The memberships paid/renewed during January through October will expire on December 31 of that year. If the membership is paid/renewed in November or December, it will extend through the following year.

If you haven’t paid your BSA membership fees, please do so as soon as possible. Here is the link to our PayPal for membership payments. If you have any other payment preferences or have any questions regarding your membership status, please contact our Treasurer, Traci Speed at