Bulgarian Studies Journal, Vol. 1 / 2017
Bulgarian Studies Journal, Vol. 1 / 2017
Editor: Cammeron Girvin
Editorial Committee: Margaret Beissinger, Evguenia Davidova, Christine Holden, Angelina Ilieva, Cristofer Scarboro, Traci Speed, Vessela Warner, Emilia Zankina
Web Editor: Martin Podolak
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Full Issue
Front Matter / Table of Contents
Front Matter
April Elizabeth Curtis
British and US Relations with Bulgaria, 1949-1959: The Bulgarian- American Diplomatic Split and Britain’s Fundamental Role
Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg
"Rachenitsa! Try to Outdance Me!": Competition and Improvisation the Bulgarian Way
Mihail Petkov
The Parentela in Bulgarian Polity: Conflict and Cooperation Between Groups and the State
Giustina Selvelli
Identity and Multiplicity in Canetti's and Wagenstein's Birthplaces: Exploring the Rhizomatic Roots of Europe
Daria Borislavova White, Andrew P. White
"Grandma, What’s Your Name Now?": Life-Narratives, Portraiture, and Reclaiming Identity in the Balkans

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