Competition for AY2018-2019 Fulbright Student Fellowships in Bulgaria Now Open!
Competition for AY2018-2019 Fulbright Student Fellowships in Bulgaria Now Open!

Bulgaria Fulbright Study/Research Award
Fulbright Bulgaria offers fellowships for U.S. students, MA/PhD candidates, young professionals and artists to conduct research, study or exercise their talents for one academic year. We are looking for motivated candidates who are interested in conducting research projects with an academic, artistic or non-governmental Bulgarian institution, independent library or field research, special projects in the social or life sciences, or a combination of such activities.

Fulbright Study/Research Grant in Archaeology/History
For this new award, offered for the first time in AY2018-19, the Bulgarian-American Fulbright Commission is partnering with the Balkan Heritage Foundation (BHF), an NGO whose mission is to support the study, preservation, management and promotion of cultural and historical (both tangible and intangible) heritage of South-eastern Europe as necessary preconditions for sustainable development of the region.

Fulbright Bulgaria also offers joint grants with neighboring countries:

Bulgaria-Greece Fulbright Joint Research Award

Bulgaria-Romania Fulbright Study/Research Award

Our joint grants give researchers the opportunity to work on a cross-country project, spending one semester in Bulgaria and one in Greece or Romania. These grants are especially suitable for candidates interested in archeology, history and art history, Balkan studies, trans-border/emigration studies, economics, tourism, preservation of cultural heritage, political science, social sciences, classical studies, and the arts. Well-qualified candidates will be considered at all degree levels and in all fields.

For U.S. students without a precise research focus who would like to experience Bulgaria, Fulbright Bulgaria also offers 30 English Teaching Assistantships in Bulgarian high schools.

The 2018-2019 Fulbright U.S. Student competition is now open. Competition Deadline is October 6, 2017, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. To apply, visit More information about the Bulgarian Fulbright program is available at